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  • Certified Subtitle 1

  • EnerSys Supplier Subtitle 2

  • EnerSys Service Subtitle 3


Sure Power is a leading distributor of quality power products and solutions, including batteries, UPS systems, telecom power systems, emergency lighting and DC power systems.


We offer certified and insured installation by trained technicians, emergency repair, rental UPS, maintenance services, battery testing, sizing and more.

Battery Disposal

From de-installations to removal logistics, we can handle your battery disposal needs. Our disposal services follow all applicable state and federal recycling certifications.


CPR and forklift certified personnel

Spill kits and safety kits on all sites and vehicles

Certified and calibrated tools


Smelter facility for battery disposal

$5,000,000.00 pollution legal liability for the

transportation and handling of lead acid batteries.


Toll free 24/7 emergency service line with

immediate dispatching. Most products available

to ship within 24 hours.